And the winner is…

12509364_945541835498980_6073056843839225109_nOn Friday 18th December 2015 the winners for the Logo Competition school. All children received a Minature hero chocolate for taking part, as to us all the children are heroes. There was a winner for each class who received a goody bag and then a third, second and first place who received vouchers.
The winners were as follows:
Maple – Mia Lund
Holly – Daisy Lowe
Silver Birch – Jade Peel
Willow – Sky Peel
Juniper – Phoebe Green
Hazel – Lucy Wightman
Rowan – Caitlan Williamson
Oak – Harley Barton
Beech – Bronty Ashton
Overall winners
1st place Caitlan Williamson
2nd Place Harley Barton
3rd place Sky Peel

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